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Men be careful in clubs see what this lady was caught doing to the man she was with, Watch video.

Men be careful in clubs see what this lady was caught doing to the man she was dancing with.

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In bars, men should be cautious. This lady was caught on camera stealing from this guy while dancing with him.

The video of a woman stealing a man's wallet while being captured on camera without realizing she was being watched has gone viral on social media.

The two seem to be in love in the video, and they appear to be enjoying each other's company and dancing happily, but the lady slowly placed her hands in the man's jacket pocket, taking his wallet without the guy noticing, and handing it over to a friend next to them, while he continues to dance.

When the man wakes up in the morning and discovers that his wallet is gone, he will be devastated. If the guy notices that the lady he was dancing with has taken his wallet, he may want to reclaim it by force, possibly by beating her.

Men, be vigilant in clubs and check your belongings regularly to see if anything is missing. She has to be detained for theft.


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