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Dethrone any deceptive Teaching against Tithing – Old Tafo Area Head

Apostle Daniel Yeboah Nsaful, Area Head for Old Tafo of the Church of Pentecost has exposed that wrong doctrines against the payment of tithe must not be encouraged by Christians for it is the enemy’s strategy to disrobe the Church of God and weaken her growth from saving the perishing.

According to him, the payment of Tithes and giving Offering is very key in the advancement of the Kingdom of God hence the need to stay vigil and dethrone any deceptive message concerning it.

The payment of tithe is a concern in the body of Christ that needed to be addressed due to how some persons have misconstrued the topic as relating to the law.

Speaking on the topic, “Sacrificial Giving and Tithing” during the climax of the Officers Apostolization retreat in the Old Tafo Area, Apostle Nsaful enlightened the understanding of the officers that in the Book of Genesis 14, Abraham paid Tithe to Melchizedek as a covenant to God, therefore the law, which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, the practice.

He took time and expatiated the significance of Tithing to the building of God’s Kingdom and how its payment in The Church of Pentecost has inspired growth, transformed lives and fulfilled dreams to the Glory of God.

He discredited philosophies ceasing payment of tithes in the Church attributing that such teachings are from the pit of hell, and they are designed to hurt the bride of Christ.

Apostle I K Amoako rtd exhorted the congregation on the five “C’s” of tithing and acknowledged Christians to stick to the teaching that Tithing was Commenced by Abraham, Jacob Continued it, Moses Confirmed it, Malachi Commanded it and Jesus Commended it therefore let no man Condemn it.

Reading Malachi 3, Apostle Isaac Amoako condemned robbery in the house of God through Tithing and admonished believers not to fall as prey to the false doctrines designed to spiritually raid the Kingdom of God rather, they must be able teachers of the topic to fortify financial growth for themselves and for the Kingdom of God.

Apostle Daniel Yeboah Nsaful appreciated the commitment of the officers in the Old Tafo Area Zones during the Apostolization Retreat.

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