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Check out these Accra Hearts of Oak players some years ago and how long far they have come

Some good years ago when Hearts of Oak struggle in the league and getting nearer to clinching the trophy, there were some players to play their heart out and wish the team some good.

It looks better in the shape of the Phobians to get backups that is willing to make him best of the club in 2020/21 season.

From three suspended season’s now we saw an uncompleted league which was full of problems all around.

The players was not part of the teams that competed in the last CAF Champions league. But they were all players under study which might be few of them added to the club.

We saw Fatawu Mohammed to be the experience and better player with most played matches been the longest serving player in the team.

The bench for Hearts of Oak some year ago consist of Raddy Ovouka, James Sewornu, Kojo Obeng Junior, Fatawu Mohammed et al.

But now they are the integral members in the jersey of the team to play very well and have given the club a treble last season and wish to see more this season.

The transition of players from Auroras to the Hearts of Oak team proper has been outstanding as compared to the big teams in Ghana.

This is the proper means through which the Phobians are teaching the teams to learn from their Junior side.

We always consider the future of the team to be in the hands of other players but has worsened the conditions of some other players.

Hearts of Oak took to the Board and management and have not seen the best out them, as management they all wish to get the team going forward but can’t maintain the team players with proper policy.

This is more effective in the coaches thereby, making the job very difficult for the Board.

As a coach they need to groom the players to fit in the team but constant rotation of the coaches has been the worry of the players that have left and other gone as free agents. By not getting much playing time.

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