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Use This Magical Tree To Cure Several Diseases And To Drive Witches And Demons Away.

Have you ever heard of this native traditional tree that releases a bloodlike liquid when cut? It is called the blood wood tree, scientifically known as pterocarpus angolensis. It is mainly grown in the warm zoned of western, central and southern Africa.

It is referred to as Blood wood tree because of the blood like Sap released by its step when cut, but below are some native names; It is known in Ghana as Ahomakyem, the Zulus call it umbilo and the Tswanas call it mokwa. Generally, it is known in English as wild teak or Transvaal teak.

This tree has numerous health benefits aside it spiritual uses. We were made to believe that it is a demon tree because of it bloody sap it gives when cut, but it is a sheer falacy. In this article I'll center on the health benefits of this magical tree and the medicinal uses are given below;

The leaves of this tree is used to stop excessive bleeding during childbirth. The leaved of wild teak when blended and the juice given to the victim can quickly aid in stopping over bleeding during child birth.

The blood like sap of this tree can be given to a patient who is in short of blood. Just collect the blood like sap of the tree with a container and mix with coconut water. Give it orally to the patient in need of blood and see the magic it performs within few minutes.

Charcoal from the bark of this tree is used as antiseptic. Make a hygienic burnt charcoal out of the bark of abwild teak tree. Crush it into powdery form and mix with water. It kills bacteria and fungi when applied to thevbody.

The red sap isvused to treat venereal disease, diarrhea and inflammation of the bladder.

Aside its medicinal properties, a charcoal made of a wild teak drives away witches and evil spirit. Just place a piece of it together with sea salt at the four corners of your room or at your doorstep and see what this magic tree will do.

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