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High tension poles block road in Kpandai district Balai.

High tension poles block road in Kpandai district.

Today second July at exactly 12:2 pm, a village in Kpandai district called Balai got a grocery accident of high tension poles breaking down.

It broke while a man was caught in a nearby forest cutting down trees without the prior knowledge of the town people. 

A woman known as Afia Lady a fish seller from the village of Balai report this incident as gods Grace .

According to the nearby people, she could have been dead by now.

We had the information at long last mentioned name Nasakija as a man behind the scene of the cutting down trees.

There's always punishment to the person involved according to customs and traditions of the community. Hailing to it as one of the Ghanaian acient communities with their history linked to the Germans.

All the following featured pictures in the article depicts the incident that happened just this afternoon in Balai community in the Kpandai district of Ghana.

We therefore warn all the people that are passing through the salaga Kpandai road to branch to chamba side or even Banda.

We warn also the people in the village and the environ that are going to Kpandai to pass through the small road to the pipe.

Kpandai people and the students at large should get this notice.

Brukum kwabena Isaac

Kind regards.

Content created and supplied by: Brukumkwabenaisaac (via Opera News )


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