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Barima Danso Brefo l, Kwahu-Abetifi Akwamuhene Celebrates 5th Coronation

Barima Danso Brefo l, Kwahu-Abetifi Akwamuhene, on Wednesday, 1st March, celebrated his 5th-year coronation anniversary on the throne. 

The whole community of Abetifi were thrown into a state of excitement and merry-making celebrating the 5th coronation of the Kwahu-Abetifi Akwamuhene, Barima Brefo Danso l

The people were beaming with smiles all over. The personality of Barima Brefo Danso l, seem to appeal to many.

People from all walks of lives were present to celebrate with him, this historic and memorable event.

According to the natives and other visitors present, the chief in celebration is very noble, kind and also inspirational. They added to the book that, Barima Berefo Danso l, since his first coronation has been very impactful to the throne and the community at large. His coronation has added to the efforts of the traditional council of Kwahu-Abetifi to building the township.

According to Barima Brefo Danso l, His reign would, in his capacity, under the endorsements of the Omanhene of Kwahu-Abetifi, join in all efforts in uplifting the good name of the Abetifi township and the other neighbouring townships. The event was phenomenal.

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