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6 countries who sing the same national anthem, an African country is included in the list

A national anthem is an uplifting and integral song sung by every independent country to express their national identity and supremacy as a self reliant nation. National anthem are mostly sung during important national activities, funerals of prominent national personalities as well as students during early morning assemblies.

A lot of people may think every country has its own unique national anthem which it holds so dear and respects but that is not the case, there are a few countries both in Europe and right here in Africa who share the same national anthems.

Let us look at a few of such countries who share a common national anthem but please do me a favor by tapping on the follow button above.

1.The United Kingdom and Lichtenstein are one such example of a pair of countries who share the same national anthem despite several years of being independent and even not being an English colony.

The first stanza of their anthem translates directly into that of the United Kingdom’s anthem which goes by God save the Queen, it is however not entirely the same .

2.Zimbabwe and Namibia who are also former colonies of the Great Britain still use the same national anthem despite several decades of attaining independence and self reliance from the British rule.

"Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika" which was formerly a pan African Liberian song was later adopted by several African countries as their preferred national anthem but many African poets later composed which replaced this.

3.Estonia and Finland in the ancient days were very strong allies who fought their enemies hand in hand and kept very close alliance. Their national anthem was composed by a Finnish chorister boy who later went to Estonia for a music festival and happened to sing that song there.

The song happened to have melted many hearts who fell in love with the it which later became very popular in the two countries and was directly translated into Estonian language and soon accepted as the nations anthem.

Do you know any other countries who share the same anthem ? Do you think it is a good idea for two countries to have the same national anthem since it may confuse many people who are not familiar with the two countries.

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