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Is "DUMSOR" back? Ghanaians Confused.

Ghanaians In a state of confusion as to whether "Dumsor" the unaware, unprepared, unannounced power outage is back or not.

"Dumsor"means (on and off),this term was used by Ghanaians in 2012 to describe the unpredictable power outage.

Recently there have been alot of consistent power outage in the whole of Ghana which makes Ghanaians worried and confused due to the loss "Dumsor" caused years back.

Although the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDco) explained that the cause of the power outage is due to a fault with the power system and therefore measures are underway to solve the temperoral blackouts, Ghanaians are still in question if it's an indication of the incessant blackout the nation experienced years back which gained a nickname"Dumsor".

According to Ghanaians,,the "Dumsor" from 2012 to 2015 gave a timetable so they were aware and prepared to face it,,so if it's really back again then there's a need for one to be presented as soon as possible .

Ghanaians are therefore cautioning the government to make it a matter of urgency before it gets out of hands.

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