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Samraboi: Girlfriend Of Galamsey Operator Y2K Died On His Bed Whiles We Was Away Working.

Misfortunes can strike anyone at any time, no matter who they are. This afternoon's information from the Western area, which was tracked by Accrablogger, is only one of the many death reports Ghana has received this year. According to Angel Fm's Samraboi correspondent, Y2K is a young man who works at one of the region's galamsey sites.

Y2K had a girlfriend who moved in with him for a few weeks after the deceased's family came to see her to cure her for a condition she was suffering from.

On that dreadful day, Y2K arrived at work early in the morning to receive an urgent call informing him that his lover had died.

The terrible part of the story is that, before to the unfortunate events, Y2K had not completed the customary marriage rites for his late fiancée. If a lady dies in your care without executing the accepted marriage rite, the man is obliged to lie in the same room with the corpse overnight and is often forced to marry the dead body before burial in certain Ghanaian societies.

The body has been rejected by the deceased's family, leaving Y2K to deal with it on his own.

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