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Scared Of Hell? Checkout These Acts That Lead You Directly To Hell

According to the Bible, Sin came from one man and from one man, all have sinned and need to be forgiven. The Bible makes us know that to err is human but to forgive is divine. That is to say, when we sin and feel remorse for it, he is ever willing to forgive is.

Although the Bible makes us know that God is Merciful and just enough to forgive is of our sins if we feel remorse, when we commit these sins, it makes it difficult for the Ever Forgiving God to pardon us.

Let us have a look at these sins that are unpardonable. All these sins can be found in the book of Proverbs chapter 6 verses 16 to 20 and it states that God hates these sins.

 The first sin is Being proud

The second sin telling lies to save ourselves and others.

Thirdly murder is unpardonable in the eyes of God.

Fourthly, people who engage in devilish thoughts are unpardonable.

Fifthly, God finds it difficult to pardon those who engage in mischief.

Lastly, when we bear false witness and speak lies, we commit grievous sins against God and may fall short of the Glory Of God.

If you notice yourself engaging in any of these sins, pray to Jehovah God Almighty to bring, into your life, the Holy Spirit to direct and guide your paths so as to stop you from commiting grievous sins so that you do not fall short of God's glory and end up in hell.

Obey and observe these commandments in all your daily lives.


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