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Meet The Prisoner Who Spent GHC 3,300 To Dance With 18 Beautiful Ladies

He has spent most of his youthful days in the ghetto at a community known as Dobeng in the Bremang Esikuma vicinity of Ghana. Life at the Ghetto was not easy since there were a lot of bad habits exhibited by his peers. He would leave the home of his family and stay at the ghetto for days with excitement. This was the beginning of the troubles of Samuel Kofi Tuffour, a young boy from Bremang Esikuma.

On one of the days, his friends planned for operation, as they were still contemplating on where to go, one of them spotted a bag at the shop of another person. Immediately, they called Samuel Kofi Tuffour to devise a strategy in stealing the bag. Fearless Kofi Tuffour agreed and moved straight to the location and took the bag away. He did not come back to his friends and decided to go and start spending.

When he opened the bag, an amount of Eight thousand five hundred Ghana cedis (GHC 8,500) was relaxing in it. Here, Samuel Kofi Tuffour activated his party mode. He quickly saved Five thousand two hundred Ghana cedis (GHC 5, 200) and moved to another community with the remaining Three thousand three hundred Ghana Cedis (GHC 3, 300). He organized a total of eighteen beautiful ladies and moved to a nightclub with them.

There was a lot of money to spend in the night and the ladies were asked to take whatever they wanted. Samuel Kofi Tuffour surrounded himself with all the eighteen ladies and he was busily enjoying some good dance moves. He was there when the police stormed the club searching for him but he could not run, they arrested him and he confessed to stealing the money.

He had already spent some of the money in the bag and led them to where he saved the rest. God being so good, it was still intact. The police retrieve the money and paraded him before the court. He was handed one year six months prison term. He is currently at the Awutu Camp prison where he is serving his term but there is a challenge. Prison officers have realized that Samuel Kofi Tuffour is mentally unstable. His attitude in the prison has been on and off. they told Crime Check Foundation that whenever he is unstable he causes troubles in the prison yard and they are wondering why the judge sentenced a mentally sick person to a normal prison.

The prosecutors should have detected that the young man was mentally unstable. This would have assisted the judge in his judgment. The Mental Health Authority in Ghana must ensure such persons receive all the care they need in the prison to secure their stay. Maybe, if he was with a sound mind, he would not have committed the crime.

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