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Captain Smart Is A Disgrace To Ghana Journalism: Kelvin Taylor Slams Captain Smart

Leader and founder of The Loud Silence Media and ghanaian US-based journalist, Kelvin Taylor has come out with new allegations against popular ghanaian radio presenter, Captain Smart.

Kelvin Taylor claimed that Captain Smart is a total and utter disgrace to Ghana journalism after seeing a video of Captain Smart telling ghanaians to apologize to former Ghana Football Association (GFA) president, Kwesi Nyantakyi.In the video, Captain Smart claimed that ghanaians should apologize to Kwesi Nyantakyi.

Kelvin Taylor reacted to the video by saying that Captain Smart is a disgrace to Ghana journalism, an utter diagrace to Ghana journalism. Kelvin claimed that he respects Captain Smart but claims that all what he is saying about Kwesi Nyantakyi is all concert.

Obviously, it is right for Kelvin Taylor to get angry because it is the same Kwesi Nyantakyi who was exposed taking the nation's money for his own personal gain. There is the need to perform a sanity check on Captain Smart's statement because what he said made no sense at all.

In my opinion, this matter must be looked into because recently, Paul Adom Otchere came out with similar statement about Kwesi Nyantakyi. What do you think?

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