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Tourist gets his finger ripped off after teasing a lion at the zoo

Some of us like playing a lot, and these games sometimes put us in weird places and situations. A tourist who visited a Jamaican zoo ended up regretting his actions as he entered the zoo as a sane man, but left as a physically challenged man. Apparently, he and his friends were taken closer to the lions den to have a close took at the fierce animal.

His friends loved the view and decided to watch from a distance but he alone wanted to show off. He went closer to the fence and placed his hand in like he was playing hide and seek. Whenever the lion got closer, he would remove his hands and laugh with joy. This guy was literally teasing the lion.

This game was getting interesting and scary at the same time. Unfortunately for him, the lion got smarter after failing several attempts to grab his hand. The last attempt got the fierce lion grabbing his finger and pulling it. It had finally gotten a meal and there was no way it would let go off his finger.

This tourist tried pulling his finger out of its mouth but the lion was too strong. Several attempts to pull it out proved futile. Finally, the lion got to rip his finger apart. The link to the video is as seen here. Too much play will indeed end men in weird places.

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