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Woman Who Slept With Her Pet Python Gets A Teaching Lesson, See What Happened To Her.

Dear owners enjoy keeping their animal companions by their sides. If it were possible, most would have them there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Restaurants, offices, and schools, and their ridiculous pet policies! The majority of pet owners are overjoyed when their little one jumps into bed with them and curls up next to them for the night. Cats and dogs are excellent at this, which may explain why they are so common as pets.

There are certain pets who, no matter how much you love them, should not be allowed to sleep with you. Especially creatures that cling to your side! While this story is made up, it should serve as a message to anyone who keeps exotic animals as pets.

One woman adored her pet python, and because pythons enjoy water, she let the snake sleep in her bed at night. The snake would slither up on top of her and spread itself from her head to her toes while she slept on her stomach. The python had stopped feeding, she found. She took the snake to a veterinarian because this is never a safe thing for any pet.

The vet inquired about the python's everyday habits, and when he learned that the snake slept in her bed, he became worried. He wondered if the snake had ever wrapped itself around her or if it had reached out from head to toe. The vet's face turned pale when she told him, "Yes, that's exactly what the snake was doing." Her python wasn't snuggling with her, he explained; it was weighing her! The snake had stopped eating because it was getting ready for the most important meal of its life

Exotic pets are interesting, but the moral of the story is that they should be put away at night in their cage or terrarium. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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