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Comments: Josephine’s Confession To Trigger Curses Against Family

Karma might be staring right in the faces of the family of Josephine Panyin Mensah following her confession to medical doctors and police Officers at Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital. Given that she has finally admitted committing crime by faking her pregnancy, the police wouldn’t hesitate to prosecute her for the various offenses as determined by law.


It is sad day for the husband, Michael Simson who according to sources has been traumatized by the confession from the wife. This had created so much doubt on his part about their marriage, and many would be interested to know he carries this forward.


Minutes after a publication by Starr FM on this development, some Ghanaians have reacted angrily at the woman and her actions, which they believed has caused the reputation of the husband and the family. It is a shameful act and not just criminal, Josephine had visited on the family.


People who trusted her story, especially family members and residents now risk being haunted by the curses they made against the Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah, and the Ghana Police Service when they doubted the initial medical report which refuted the pregnancy claim. Netizens had expressed their disappointment at the woman, with a couple more suggesting that the woman is wicked.


Among all the commentary is an interesting remark about the curse they laid a couple of days ago. One Saaj Alpha wondered what would become of the family in the face of this ‘truth’ as confessed by Josephine.


Kwadwo Beunotey who had also read about the story mocked that Nugokpo [god] is already staring at the family. Though funny, the comments raise some serious concerns about the woman, leaving several other women scandalized about how and the extent Josephine carried this fake pregnancy and kidnapping.


As gathered, the Police is compiling its report and would soon publish its latest finding for Ghanaians to understudy. The week has been quite exhausting for the officers of the Ghana Police Service in the Western Region yet they will need to conclude this matter and ready the suspect and her conspirators for trial.

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