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Beware: There are Killers, More Evil And Wicked People On The Loose

Growing up in primary school I use to wonder how or why a man who was credited to have gained independence for Ghana and built so many industries could be chased out of his own country in an attempt to kill him. The country that he put his life on the line and fought for. What amazed me even most at the time was that people celebrated his downfall at the time he fell. So it has always been one of my biggest aims to try and understand as much as possible why a great man like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah could be humiliated in such a horrible way despite everything he did for Ghana

It turned out Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s downfall was simply fueled and light up by a burning desire of one particular tribe or group of people to have authority and rule over Ghana. It was not because he had done anything evil as people were made to believe at the time he was chased out

Evil and wickedness have a lot of similarities no matter where it's coming from. It always comes with lies. Secondly, evil and the wicked person do not have a conscience. He or she has lost his or her conscience. The ability to discern what is right or wrong and be able to do right instead of wrong. Thirdly an evil or wicked person does not listen to reason. Even when you are talking to an evil and wicked person he or she thinks they know everything already and so whatever you are saying is just mere talk to them. In the mind of an evil person, he or she has already pre-arranged and plan what he or she wants to do and so what you say or do does not make any difference to them

You will find murderers in most wicked people and you can easily notice them by the way they talk. Killing is an industry on its own and there are a lot of people in these times who kill for a living but you will not know. They could be your friend, family members. They have the spiritual know-how of killing combine with using Poisson and drugs to kill. The ritual killing has created an industry of murderers and killers whose only job is to kill. People will marry into your family or even befriend you purely to kill you for money rituals

Just like Jesus said, in the end, times a man will become more wicked. The believer is encouraged to be alert and vigilante in these times lest not he or she loses their soul to the wicked one

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