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Easy ways to make money in Ghana with a smartphone

Making money has become a burden in the heart of so many Ghanaians, so many people walk around trying to figure out how to generate income for themselves by engaging in different kinds of activities, but yet they are unable to generate income or get enough money to live their daily lives. In this article I will discussing with you some genuine and easy ways you could make money for yourself using your smartphone, this could be by working from home or anywhere.

Easy ways to make money in Ghana with a smartphone;

1. One of the ways you can make money online is by completing online surveys. There are many websites that creates online surveys for people to complete. When you are able to complete these online surveys they give you reward in from of money. You can earn in dollar by engaging in online survey.

2. You can also make money online in Ghana by becoming a freelance article writer. Freelance article writing is a very good way of making money in Ghana, and one of the best site to write articles for is Opera news hub and the pay you directly to your mobile money account. There are also several websites that pay you for writing articles for them that pays in dollar.

3. Another way you can make money online in Ghana is by doing internet marketing, it could be Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram marketing. If you have no idea about internet marketing you can actually search the internet about it. It is very easy to learn.

4. Writing of CV and application letters.

Above are the ways by which you can make money in Ghana with your smartphone. Kindly drop your opinion below to let others know about it. Please share with friends.

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