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FDA cautions traders selling these products to beware because they are coming for them soon.

Normally, traders tend to sell some products in our markets which raises many questions. Looking at these products, you are made to wonder how they really broke out unto the market. The questions which start resonating in your beautiful mind is, "who really allowed these guys to sell this product?" It is very sad coming to the realization that for some of these traders, they have extended the advertisements given to these products such that we see them making announcements on both the television and radio stations.

This article is going to see me being selective on one of such products. Well, this is what they call the enlargement products. They may be in the form of creams, sprays or powders and they are believed to cause an increase in either the backside or front side of a woman thereby giving her a busty appearance. For men, it has been targeted at increasing their "cassava" by making it big and long. We do not know the side effects that comes with them but people are still buying them in bulk.

Many people have doubted the credibility of the Food and Drugs Authority in Ghana after seeing such advertisements. They claim these authorities do not think about the citizens, they only think about their pockets.

Luckily for us, the official page of the FDA has come out to say they haven't approved any product for such enlargements and are coming for those selling such products. They claim they are monitoring those marketing them and are coming for them very soon. This is what led to they relaying such an information to Ghanaians

An account was gladly selling one of such products and asked if people were going to patronize their products. Sterling had to tag FDA and ask them if such products had been vetted and approved

This is where they had to disclose that they knew nothing about such products and we're coming for them. Kindly advise yourself if you are in the habit of trading these unapproved goods.

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