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'Sake of scissors, you are going to jail' - Bekwai residents slams 28-year-old man for armed robbery

Order! Order!! The circuit court clerk of the Bekwai Circuit Court shouted in his humble voice as the bailiff rose from his seat to the high table bar of the judge. In the hand of the bailiff were dozens of papers, and the front bundle of papers were the only ones, important to the circuit court judge as he took those and dismissed the bailiff to his seat. Order! Order!! The court clerk shouted again to make the people know of the presence of the circuit court judge.

The judge frustrated with the murmuring coming from the people, took his gavel; the neatly pointed stick and hit the high bar three times before issuing a warning to the people. A murmuring will keep this hearing longer, I will not allow it, anyone found murmuring or making noise will taste the spirit of the court, the judge Mark Tair-ima Diboro said before the bailiff went back to the high bar again.

At the high bar, the seat of the judge, the bailiff once again took the bundle of papers he had given to the judge, and stood behind the judge and read to the hearing of the court. Simon Blay, 28, was greeted to the court for robbing his co-tenant with an armed weapon and was in the courtroom to face his judgement, the bailiff said before moving back to his seat.

The prosecuting officer, Officer Stephen Ofori of the Bekwai Municipal Police command rose to his feet and argued that Simon Blay was a notorious thug who has been terrorizing his people within Feyiase, a community town of Bekwai. Simon on 15 September 2021, rose from his bedroom and caught up with Sarah Ofori, an ice cream hawker who was leaving the house to hawk her ice cream in traffic.

Simon, a co-tenant of Sarah, called Sarah and asked her to serve him with some of her ice creams. Simon took advantage of the dull compound house which had nobody except the two of them, and used his weapon, a two-inch scissors and threatened to choke Sarah to death if she shouted.

Simon with the scissors took the full amount on Sarah; GH¢25 and her phone before enjoying additional 40pieces of the ice cream. Simon dashed out of the house and went to the street after robbing Sarah. He threatened to murder Sarah if she ever told anyone of what had happened on that faithful day. 

Sarah in her misery, took to the Feyiase Police and reported what her co-tenant had done and the threats. Feyiase police officers together with the residents were able to locate where Simon Blay was hiding and arrested him for his crimes.

Simon pleaded guilty to his crimes and asked the court to forgive him. It was hunger, my lord, I was really hungry on that very afternoon, Simon Blay told the court. Officer Stephen Sarfo disputed the defence of Simon that, he was even an alleged thief with an impending case. It was not hunger that made him attack the woman my lord. He is a thug who finds pleasure in robbing others. He even has a pending case of stealing a flat-screen television set which will be brought to the court at a later date, the prosecuting officer Stephen Sarfo added before taking his seat. 

From what has been gathered so far, it is the ruling of this court, to sentence you base on your plea, the circuit court judge Mark Tair-ima Diboro said before sentencing Simon Blay to 10 years in prison for robbing and terrorizing his co-tenant, Sarah Sarfo.

Simon before been moved from the Bekwai Circuit Court to the police van, received several insults from the Feyiase residents for threatening and robbing his household. You could have asked for help but no, robbery is what you wanted. Sake of scissors, you are going to jail. If you had asked for money to feed, who wouldn't have given you, some residents bashed Simon as he was thrown into the police van.

Simon will spend the night at the Feyiase Police cells and be transported to the Kumasi Central Prisons on Saturday morning.

Content created and supplied by: RockyJDJones (via Opera News )


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