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Combat Skills That Every Lady Needs To Know In Order To Defend Themselves Against Violent Men

Women are regarded as vulnerable and that means they need protection. This is probably due to their physical makeup and their special needs during pregnancy or maternity-related cases. But this article is not to talk about how pregnancy makes women vulnerable but how women can defend themselves against physical abuse. 

Ladies are prone to societal abomination such as rape or defilement. There are some men out there who force themselves onto ladies and because of inadequate or lack of defense mechanism skills and as a result, these men get to have their ways with ladies. Physical abuse is also common nowadays, especially in marriages. 

Because of all these crimes that women are prone to, they need to learn defensive skills that will help them overcome any man who tries to take advantage of them. Here are pictures depicting what to do when you find yourself in a situation that is shown in the pictures.

You can decide to practice these skills in order to master them especially if you have found yourself in more than three physical abuse situations. 

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