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Pregnancy period

Is It Safe To Eat Ice While Pregnant?

When you are pregnant,you can get some of the most unusual food cravings.You may be tempted to eat things you least expected and your favourite food may become your last option.Chewing ice is a huge temptation for pregnant women although these cravings disappear after delivery.People sometimes put an element of doubt in mind about its safety.

During pregnancy,eating ice cubes maybe become your favourite activity due to the hormonal changes taking place in your body.This is normal,as almost all pregnant women love to do this and there have not been any negative consequences connected to it.

Ice is not considered harmful to the human body,being it pregnancy or otherwise.Especially when compared to cravings for clay or dirt,ice is surely a safe choice for pregnant women.

However,regular crunching on ice can do alot of harm to your teeth and also lead to a sore throat because of the cold.The urge to eat non-nutritive items is caused by a condition known as "pica" which is common with people who have low iron levels.

In medical terms,the temptation to consume ice is known as "pagophagia".

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