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Find out the meaning of 'PG' which is written on top of most movies and television series

We all love watching various movies and television series which are showed on out various television stations. The genre of these movies may be comedy, romantic, action or adventure. 

However, some of the movies showed on our television stations may be some particular contents which may not be appropriate for children to view. This means, there is the need for Parental Guidance. Therefore the full meaning of PG is Parental Guidance.

PG stands for Parental Guidance.

This refers to restricted content that is unintended for children.

This includes: swearing, bullying, violence, referring to adult content (alcohol, drugs, sex).

In this case, parents need to sit by the child when watching this movie. The child should not be left alone when watching a movie which has been tagged with PG. In the course of the movie, the parents needs to be explaining some key elements in the movie in order to help the child know what is right and worse.

Sometimes, PG can be tagged alongside with a particular age. Example, PG 12, PG 14, PG 16, etc.

This means persons from that age should be guided by the parent when watching such movie because it may contain violence and adults contents which will be bad for the child.

In case movies and other television series have not been tagged with PG, parents cab feel feel free and allow their wards to watch. Sometimes there may be violent though in those movies but children may feel free to watch since practicing it in the real world will seem impossible.

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