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The End Is Near: Parents Found Out Their Son And Daughter Have Been Having An Affair

The end times promised by the Bible keep giving us signs daily as we keep hearing, seeing, and reading unthinkable news around us.

In most cultures around the world, bedding once close relative is unacceptable and a great taboo. Incest isn't a very popular culture around and as established earlier several cultures frown on it.

Let's not dive into the long scope of the historic background of incest and why it is right or wrong because we are simply here to take your opinion on a very chilling story we have spotted online.

A man believed to be a father shared a story of how he suspected and caught his children sleeping together. He explained that he noticed some strange bond between his son and daughter that goes beyond the sibling hence he decided to investigate and came to the realization that his suspicions were true.

He reiterated that it was a turn-on for him and his wife, therefore they decided to support their children's behavior and advised them to practice their love life only in the house. 

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