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Reasons Why Kids Lie To Their Parents

Why lying is a normal?

Lying is normal and it indicates that your child is developing awareness towards other people, their feelings, and desires.

When do kids starts lying

Studies suggest that children typically begin lying in the preschool years, between two and four years of age.

Why kids lie?

There are several reasons children lie or conjure up an elaborate tale, but it is not often intentional. Here are some reasons why children lie

​To avoid punishment

To avoid yelling, confronted or punished children do not mind lying a little bit. They do not like getting in trouble so they do everything to avoid it.

​They are scared

Fear or shame can also force kids to be dishonest with you. When they are unsure of the outcome they would avoid telling you the truth.

​They want something from you

When children feel that you would deny whatever they are going to ask from you, they might make up a false tale to get a yes.

​They are doing it just for fun

At times kids also lie just for the fun of sheer delight. They exaggerate the truth or outright lie to impress their friends with their stories.

​They do it to boost their self-esteem

Just like adults, kids at the time lie to hide their insecurities and boost their self-esteem. They fabricate an incident to make themselves look and feel like a better person.

​They do it under peer pressure

While growing up kids personality is easily moulded and they may follow what their friends do. You need to look out for the company your kids are keeping.

​They don't know they are lying

Small kids, special toddlers do not understand what a lie is and why it's bad. They think that they are just saying things that are not exactly the truth.

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