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Pregnancy period

Latest: New secrets unfold as family explain why woman may not test positive for any pregnancy test

The families of the Takoradi woman who has become the talk of the entire week and few days ago are here again talking about possible reasons why the police and health workers may not find what they’re looking for in the ongoing issue. The doctors are getting negative results for any tests for pregnancy.

One of the things that is still a mystery to the doctors is how a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin which is tested for in pregnant women is no where to be found. The HCG antigen as it is being called is secreted in the blood by the HCG hormone which confirms the presence of pregnancy.

However, the supposed pregnant woman is not having this in her system according to doctors. This is not the only thing as they claim other tests conducted on her shows no sign of pregnancy and to them, it’s surprising and impossible in the medical world. This gives the doctors the confidence in their argument and it’s high time the families accept this according to medical professionals.

From the family of the woman who is currently receiving both criticism and condolence on the alleged loss of her child, she may not test positive for the pregnancy tests which the doctors are claiming that they have conducted because this might not be the case of a physical but a spiritual one. For them they strongly believe in the spiritual manipulations of the physical things.

As a result they think the doctors are finding nothing because the alleged ritualist who took the woman in have made some rituals involving incantations that is covering the issue of she being pregnant. This according to the family is a way that these people are using to sway the police from finding out who they are since they won’t be pursued after they find out the woman is faking. On the other hand, they think the regional minister for western region and the police are covering things up even though they have no proof for this allegation.

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