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Pregnancy period

How Many Days After Your Periods Can You Get Pregnant? Checkout

Post-menstrual pregnancy in women usually lasts between seven and ten days. Ovulation usually occurs at this time.

Every woman's menstrual cycle starts on the first day and is followed by ovulation after about 2 weeks for most women.

Many women believe that it is impossible to get pregnant if sexual intercourse occurs long before ovulation begins.

Sperm must be able to stay in the fallopian tube for up to seven days. This means that if you have periods that are late, you may still be able to get pregnant while sperm is still in your body.

Here are the factors that affect pregnancy.

A number of factors usually determine whether you can get pregnant. Here are some of these factors:

Your age is very important. Being older means that you are approaching menopause and therefore your chances of getting pregnant will decrease. This should discourage anyone as you can still get pregnant even when you are old depending on certain health factors.

If you usually have irregular periods, that means you can ovulate at any time. This, in turn, determines your chances of getting pregnant.

Your health determines whether you can get pregnant or not. Several medical conditions can prevent you from becoming pregnant. It is important to go to the hospital if you have an illness that requires immediate treatment.

What methods can you use to make pregnancy possible?

Regular participation in sexual relations increases your ability to expect.

Avoid smoking tobacco because it will damage your fertility.

Eat a balanced diet and provide yourself with the vitamins and minerals you need to increase your fertility. Also, make sure your body has enough water.

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