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Preparing for pregnancy

What Women Want Men to Know About Pregnancy and Abortion

Nine cis women talked about what they wanted men to know about abortion, pregnancy, and reproductive rights to better understand what women mean when they say they support access to abortion. Here is what they had to say, along with links to additional reading that may assist in putting some topics in perspective.


•Pregnancy is a serious health condition and can come with lots of complications and long-term psychological and physiological impacts. It's a massive physical and mental challenge, and no one should have to go through it unless they're prepared and willing. Carrying to term and adoption were always options, but it isn't that simple. -Catherine 31 

• That abortion is frequently performed to avoid infection following a miscarriage or an unsuccessful ectopic pregnancy and is not always a convenience-driven decision. - Olive, 32

• The fear of being in the period between incorrectly using contraception and discovering a pregnancy when a test is positive. For example, you won't know for sure for a while whether you'll be okay if a condom breaks and you have to use Plan B. It depends on the test, but if it's a pee test, I believe they advise waiting until your next period or at least 10 days. -Gwen, 32

• Statistics on the efficacy of birth control methods! Someone was shocked when told the pill is not 100% effective (even though some of that is user error). -Queen, 30

• The frequency with which various types of contraception fail. One percent is still a lot of pregnancies that people were attempting to avoid. -Alexa, 35

• More information on the legislation. From talking to some anti-abortion people, it was clear they hadn't thought of all the consequences of making abortions illegal and even changed their minds. A lot of them are in the grip of massive propaganda. -Carmen, 29

• Abortion is a form of healthcare. Pregnancy cannot be turned into some kind of moral punishment for having sex, and forcing people to give birth is anti-healthcare. Not wanting a baby is justification enough for getting an abortion. -Janice, 33

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