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Husband and wife relationship

My Wife Left Me With 7 Kids After Legs And Hands Were Cut Off, But I Found Love In Another - Man

My Wife Left Me With 7 Kids After Legs And Hands Were Cut Off, But I Found Love In Another - Man Narrates

Today I bring you the painful story of a man with seven kids who was abandoned by his wife after his hands and legs were cut off.

When two people wed, they typically exchange vows that say something to the effect of promising to be together for better and for worse, for richer or for poorer, in good times and bad, and so on.

 However, how many people really think about what that vow all entails?

 Of course we think about the ‘better’ and ‘richer’ and ‘good times,’ and that’s basically what we’re getting married for all the good stuff, but many people fail to realize that you aren’t promising to stay together IF some bad stuff should possibly happen to you, you’re promising to stay together WHEN the bad stuff absolutely DOES happen to you, as it MOST CERTAINLY will.

The man is known as 'Domio' and tells his stories by saying that he was born just like everybody else, according to an interview with Afrimax Tv. The day it all started and his legs and hands suddenly froze with his mate.

 He was out all day. So he went directly to the hospital, but the physicians told him that they couldn't do anything, so the only choice was to cut off his hands or legs. After a while, his wife left him to leave all seven children behind.

But he met a beautiful and charming lady who later cared for him and even chose to remain with him. Domio was once a security guard until his legs and hands were cut off.

Since Domio lost his hands and legs, God said all this while he helped him. He lived that way. Things are not right for him, but thank goodness, God still.

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