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If She Were To Be Your Daughter, Would You Have Treated Her This Way(Opinion)

If she were to be your daughter, would you have done that? This and other baffling questions pops up in the minds of well meaning persons who come across the video of this little girl.

She has sores all over the upper part of her body. From her arms, her sides ( both left and right), her back and some parts of her stomach are covered in bruises. To the best of our knowledge, her crime was urinating in bed.

To start with, urinating in bed could be caused by several factors, example, drinking alot of water at night, or feeling lazy to get out of bed to urinate, or probably, a medical condition. Fear of going outside in the dark to urinate can also force children to do it in bed, as well as medical factors too.

Looking at these few factors, urinating in bed is not strange at her age, especially when she has little control over these factors.

As a mother(step), the best you can do is to help her whatever challenges she is facing, and not to be a challenge to the child yourself. One can only imagine the pain and trauma she has gone through 😭 before these scares on the girl was finally discovered. The countless pain she has suffered in silence for who knows how long. This same person, supposed to ber her guardian, is now a villain in her story.

If this is true, then we believe the laws of the country protecting women and children should be put to test. No child deserves to be physically abused.

Such acts against children must stop, whether your own children, adopted or step children, treat them with kindness, because every child matters.

Content created and supplied by: MissChris (via Opera News )


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