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I Lost Their Mother The Very Day They Were Born- Man Writes As He Celebrates His Twins

A man took to Facebook to share a heartwarming and beautiful story about his family. He shared photos of his twins, a handsome boy and a lovely girl, on their birthdays and wished them joy and happiness. He continued by discussing how he lost their mother on the day they were born. The mother gave birth to them during the Covid-19 lockdown, and due to complications, she died shortly after the twins were born.

This left the man heartbroken and perplexed; how was he going to care for these two beautiful children on his own? Who was going to provide them with breast milk? , Who was going to be their mother? 

However, as the adage goes, "difficult times reveal tough people." Despite the unbearable pain, he did not give up and continued to take responsibility for and care for his twins. Now look at them today; he celebrated their birthdays four days ago, reflecting on everything that has transpired and expressing gratitude to God for assisting him during difficult times. He also expressed gratitude to God for blessing him with the lovely twins. People lauded him for being such an excellent father to the twins and for not allowing his pain to cloud his judgment and sense of responsibility.

This should serve as an encouragement to anyone out there who believes it is over; I just want to assure you that it is not. That pain you are currently experiencing will not consume you, just as it did not consume this man; he maintained his focus and did not allow the pain to break him. Look at him now as an encouragement to others. You, too, will conquer, provided you do not surrender. 

The twins with their father are shown in the following photos.

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