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Pregnancy period

Ghanian Boys Should Adopt This Method In Other To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy During Cold

A picture trending all over the social media platforms indicating the way our Ghanian young boy should follow in other to prevent unwanted pregnancy during the cold weather.

This is to show that, the rate of teenage pregnancy is becoming rampant which in that case we have to follow our personal acts to help control ourselves from unwanted pregnancy.

Many people in this world could believe that during to olden days our ancestors always practice self control method during rainfall to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

If the weather is very cold and your mind will be thinking negatively to get a lady to use and warm yourself which in that case leads to unprepared pregnancy.

The picture there below is a picture in which there is a young man sitting beside fire to prevent cold.

You can see that he is suffering but it will be better sooner.

Please let's help prevent teenage pregnancy by protecting ourselves during rainfall or cold.

I always put up my best to bring the latest news to my viewers and followers by making research all the times.

Please don't take this as normal article but take the advice given in it indicating that we should put up our personal measure to protect ourselves from unwanted pregnancy.

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