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Check out how to get freedom from your parents without struggling.

First of all, to get freedom from your parents they have to gain your trust. Trust is reciprocal so if you don't do anything to show how trustworthy you are to them they don't have any reason to trust you hence they won't give you any freedom.

1.Be truthful to them.

If you ask permission from your parents to go out to a place say, the mall, you should not be found at other places like the beach or pool side.

2. Be time conscious.

Again, be home on time anytime you go out. If this happens they may consider bumping your time up when you go out hanging out with your friends.

3. Say sorry for wrong doings.

Show remorse for wrong conducts by saying sorry. In this case they will realise that you don't blame people when you go wrong. They will love you for that.

4. Humbly ask for your freedom.

Despite all your efforts, if they still try to be hard on you, do not get angry, kindly ask for your freedom.

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