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The thoughts of a mom.

Silently praying for the progress, protection and safety of their children has always the thoughts of a mom. Day after Day,the only silent prayer to God is, "Dear God if I couldn't make it in life, please have mercies on me and let my children progress. Let them reach heights I could not reach" and silently end it with an AMEN. Mothers are the bravest women on this Earth,they hold mantles that's is greater than what any human could hold on this Earth.

And every thing they do is for our own good even including the shouting,the strictness,the beatings and even the use of abusive words. Yes it is surely the best way to make our future bright. If you want to believe she did all those actions to make your future bright, do not judge her now, judge her later when you are up to an age you can take care of yourself. You would surely come back thanking her for how well she brought you up.

Never have any grudge with your mom,never let how strict or abusive she is affect you,try to understand that even mothers need also mothers at times.If you ever ask her about her life,you would understand why some certain actions of hers are done after listening.

Moms are always the best .love , support and pray also for them cause they also need it.

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