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Astounding life hacks about making kids prosperous in future. Every parent should know these

Teaching your children the right things at an earlier stage in their lives is one of the most important things a parent can ever offer his/her child. It gives them a very solid foundation and it is likely to make them very distinct from the peers they grow up with. Many parents haven't noticed this amazing life hack and it has gone a very long way to bring their kids down.

Your kids are your future and they are the ones who will stand up for you tomorrow should in case everything is not going on as planned. Some parents don't even care about the whereabouts of their kids and it is very bad and must be rectified. The sun rises in the morning and the next thing they will do is to give their kids money for food and that's all.

They don't even take into account the peers which their kids will meet on the road and also how dangerous people can be. This is what leads many kids to jail, thereby tarnishing their image.

A kid can be convinced easily by older people since they have a perception that "All old people are very wise". What if they teach your kid something which falls out of your religious standards? Trust me, many people have taken up bad behaviors from the outside and this is due to how their parents neglected them. Sadly, this is going to affect them in the near future.

This article is going to see me elaborate on some petty things every parent or person in charge of kids must do so as to shape their future and make it bright like a reflecting diamond. 

1. Teach them the act of prayer.

Prayer is the key to winning spiritual battles. Let me remember you that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers of darkness. Let your kids stand out in matters concerning spirituality. This world is not only about the flesh, the spirit always counts. Introduce them to this food called prayer and their lives will never be the same

2. Introduce them to perfecting house chores.

Teaching your children the right things to do at an early age is going to see them ride amongst the ranks when they grow. There has been many instances when some women go into marriages but cannot cook for their husbands. This would have been avoided if their parents introduced them to doing these little things at an early stage in their lives.

3. Introduce them to the book and not the phone.

Many parents find it difficult introducing their kids to the book since they are always on the phone. Once your kids realize you are always on the phone, they will never take books seriously.

They are learning from what we do and therefore, we must make sure we set a good example for them. There is no doubt they might need a phone at a point in their lives but don't make it too early. Remember that this phone is spoiling many children in this generation.

4. Teach them to be respectful

Your kids will meet many people in this life. One positive thing which every parent must make sure to impart to these kids in the act of respect. Respectfulness should be a basic thing in the lives of kids around the world.

5. Never forget to discipline them when they go wrong.

In as much as you treat your kids in a very good way, you must make sure you never leave them to do whatever they want to do. When you see them go wrong, move to them and tell them the right thing to do or they will continue doing the bad thing over and over again.

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