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He Is Just 5-Years Old - See What This Amazing Boy Did In Class That Has Got People Wondering

One of the greatest challenges in parenting is being able to recognize the potential and capabilities of your child. I would say this particular problem exist mostly amongst us – the Africans, and that is a fact.

While a parent from a developed country easily identifies the interest of his or her child, usually between age 5 to 10, the same cannot be said for an African parent – not all but most.

Whichever be the case, through social media, we have seen how talented African children are. Every day in and day out, we see new trending post of our beloved African kids doing what they love doing best.

Today happens to be one of the best days for me. As usual, I was checking WhatsApp status and this particular stat got me wondering how great this kid will be if gets the right guidance and teaching.

The boy in the picture is a person of Esiama Anglican Primary school in Ellembelle, Western region. This boy took his teacher (Sir Desmond) by surprise by making such a cool and artistic painting of the Coat of Arm.

You may be thinking or saying in your head that, this drawing is not a great piece but looking at the boy and guessing his age (maybe 5-years old), you can certainly give him thumbs up for doing such great work. Who knows what he can do if he grows a bit older and gets the right teaching and guidance?

According to his class teacher, the boy doubles as a rapper. Indeed he is talented.

As you can see from the photo, it dates back to 26th March 2021. You may ask me how did I know it a photo from 2021, well simple, just have a second look at the photo. Does the nose mask tell you something?

Our kids have a great future but it takes us to guide and teach them the right path. If you know of any child with such creativity, kindly offer the little assistance you can do to make him or her stay focus.

What do you think about drawing? Can you guess his age?

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Content created and supplied by: Esiama (via Opera News )

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