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Husband and wife relationship

My husband and I adopted a male child, years later we found out the family he truly belonged.

The key values in marriage are procreation and companionship. These two reasons are the main pillars which holds a union between two opposite sex firmly without trembling. My husband and I married for 5 years. We did everything we could to get pregnant but all our efforts prove futile.

The pressure from my in laws and the society was too much for us especially with me the woman. Our society always put all the blame on women when a child is not present in the house after the marriage, but the reality is that, the fault could be coming from both sides.

I did all the pregnancy test in the world and all the results were positive. Meanwhile, my husband refused to go through the same process claiming he was without fault. He convinced himself to base on the fact that his stick can function properly. Upon all I did to convince him to undergo the test, he never agreed with me.

 We had everything needed to make a beautiful family but the most important thing was missing. In other to limit the pressure from family and the society, we decided to adopt a male child. We went to the orphanage house and made our choice. We chose a child who was about 4 years old. We did not want to go in for a baby.

We brought the kid home, cared for him as if he was our own child. We immediately enrolled him in an international school. Fast-forward, he completed Junior high school and needed to continue to the next level. He was really a brilliant child and had the best grade.

During the second term in his first year, he was attacked by a strange disease which nearly ended his life. His blood level dropped to the lowest point and needed a transfusion. My husband and I had to donate blood to save our boy. The doctors took our blood samples to run a test to verify compatibility. My husband was a perfect match.

After the doctors run the test, he revealed a shocking revelation to both of us. The blood of my husband and that of our adopted son proved my husband was the real father of the child. I was surprised and questioned the doctor how could that be possible. “We did not come for a paternity test but why are you telling us this?”

We couldn't believe him, so we went to another doctor and run another test. The result was the same. After 5 tests, we had the same results. It was then that my husband confessed to me that, he once had a one-night stand with a certain lady and paid her off. Not knowing, she got pregnant and delivered the child to an orphanage.

I have lost the love and trust I had for my husband and I think I should walk out of the marriage.

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