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Lady literally gives birth to herself

This is a very interesting article. This article is about a very beautiful lady known as @iamchanel_a on Twitter. She posted two pictures on her platform today and this has generated a whole lot of conversations.

Remember during the science class when the teacher told us that some inherent characteristics could be passed on from parents to offsprings in genetics?

Well, this lady passed on her own self to her baby. The outward appearance of both babies look very similar

I bet you wouldn't have noticed that the babies were two different people if she didn't say it.

This is what she posted

So basically, it is a throwback to when she shot a picture with her mom in the year 1997. She recreated the picture this year with her daughter and honestly, you can't see many differences between the two babies. I hope her daughter makes this generational. She definitely has to pass it on to her daughter.

Isn't God wonderful? He literally created the woman again

This tweet has generated a whole lot of conversations on Twitter. Many people are marveled as to how she literally gave birth to herself. Below are some of the tweets I compiled

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