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5 Lovely Shoes For Baby Christening

I love babies because they are very cute and tiny. A baby defines the true nature of God. How they look is wonderful and one thing that kept them in the womb is the breathe of life. Who is that Breathe of Life, He is God. How the baby is formed in the womb is just amazing. It forms every second, minute, hour, day and month.

A baby brings joy to the home because a new person is welcomed and needs great love, care and attention. When a baby is born that needs to be done apart from drying the baby wirh warm towers, is to place the baby on the mother's abdomen to create bonding between them. That is the first Love which is very important. It has to be done.

Now the baby has arrived, a day is set for baby christening. What are the preparations? Baby's clothes and shoes are the number things to look for. Once you get the dress, you need to get shoes that can match the dress, bringing out a great beauty and splendour.

Here are five lovely shoes that would make your baby look beautiful. See photos below:

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Baby Christening


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