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Pregnancy period

Pregnancy Rules Every Woman Should Know-- Part 1

There are many controversies surrounding pregnancies. Read on to discover why some things are wrong and others are beneficial. These are some rules every pregnant woman needs to know.

1.    Exercising while pregnant does not cause miscarriages.

Exercising has been proven to be a very good practice for pregnant women just as it is for everyone. This is because considering the effect pregnancy has on your backbones and entire body system, exercising is a pretty good way to stay strong for you baby.

2.     Avoid bathing in a hot tub during the first trimester.

The reason doctors recommend this is because increasing the body temperature in the first trimester can have detrimental effect on the fetus. But don’t worry you can wait and jump back into it during your second and third trimesters.

3.    It is advisable for pregnant women to sleep on their left or right side during sleep.

Doctors advise against sleeping on your back during pregnancy because in that position, the growing baby in the uterus compresses blood flow in your major blood vessels. i.e. the aorta and the vena cava which can cut off blood supply to your baby, that is if it occurs for a long time. etc. So always make a conceded effort to lay on either your left or right side during sleep.

4.    Wear seatbelts underneath your abdomen.

Just as it is important to wear your seatbelt anytime you sit in a vehicle, it is also worth knowing that the way the belt lies over your abdomen is also really important. To prevent any compression, it is better to wear the belt beneath your abdomen.

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