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Emotional, Grass to Grace. 8 months abandoned child found Grace.

An 8 months old baby was abandoned by his parents in 2015. The parents abandoned the child as they thought he was a wizard due to his looks.

Anja a good samaritan, picked up the boy when he had survived 1 year and 4 months alone on the streets after he was abandoned.

Anja bathed the boy clothed him and catered for him. She later named the boy hope.

The boy who was picked up in a gutter on the street is now an outstanding and intelligent boy in his class.

He now has a mother who takes care of her and treats her like a king he deserves.

Hope looks handsome as if he was not the abandoned child.

This means where there is love, there is life and where there is life, there is hope for brighter future. The sky seems to be the limit for hope.

Indeed poverty and ignorance are worse than death itself.

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Anja Grace Hope


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