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The Takoradi Kidnapped Lady Speaks Again-Check Out All You Need To Know About Her Pregnancy

This article is not meant for advertisement but rather to enlighten people about some interesting stories from the Takoradi kidnapped lady who has been taking over social media with her pregnancy.

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The current Takoradi kidnapping case about Josephine Panyin Mensah, a 9 months pregnant woman, that has circulating social media and almost every part of the nation seems to be ending at the moment.

Josephine Panyin Mensah's kidnapping and pregnancy issue is tiring Ghanaians apart with the inconsistency in the information from her, her mother and her husband. Currently, the latest news about the pregnancy and kidnapping case is that Josephine has confessed to the police that she was neither pregnant nor kidnapped.

According to her [as gathered on interviews taken on Takoradi-based Empire FM], she lost her pregnancy just after her first trimester [thus in her four months of the pregnancy] but feared how the husband would treat it when the news is broken to him. She is reported to have informed the mother about the lost pregnancy, and the two secretly devised a plan to pretend the pregnancy was intact, not only to the husband but to neighbours and friends who might 'curse' her over the failed pregnancy.

Information from our sources indicates that the woman has confessed to the Ghana police that she wore pregnancy belly silicon for 9 months to deceive his husband.

The silicon is in types, colours and sizes so Josephine Mensah kept changing to suit the month of the pregnancy.

ACP Kwesi Ofori stated that she has confused the nation, state institutions, and the media and that the Police will proceed with the prosecution.

“She is currently detained. Nothing will prevent the police from proceeding to court.

“She was cautioned yesterday, and she admitted to the offence in front of her mother, family members, and an independent witness.

Edward Simons who had earlier defended his wife that she was pregnant has finally revealed that he has never seen his wife's protruding stomach before ( without clothes).

And a very worrying and something that the husband might never forget is when the husband also made it known that her wife had earlier told him that the doctors had counselled her against intimacy.

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