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Pregnancy period

Ladies React To Statement On Man Rejecting A Pregnancy And Returning Back After 17yrs For The Child

A question was asked by a Facebook user, and this has got many reactions from the lady because it concerns them. The question goes "He rejected the pregnancy and came back after 17years for the child. As a lady will you allow him to see the child?".

Many young men are actually afraid of pregnancy when dating because they see it as shame and barrier to their progress in life and still blame the ladies for such mistakes.

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There are several men who had rejected a baby they actually know they are the owner but what people will say especially when they young made them to reject it while some think they are too young for a single lady to tied them down.

Many news has always been heard in this part of the world about men coming back for a child or pregnancy they once rejected after some years. Many of them end up getting the child because the type of Africa culture we use that a father is the owner of a child, although things are changing gradually now and the ways of some men cheating the women who had laboured on a child is reducing.

See how they are reacting about this sensitive and common issue in Nigeria.

If you are in such position as a lady what will you do?

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