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The Way and What To Do If You Want To SpeakTo Your Unborn Baby In Your Womb

As a woman that have lived through life from your childhood to adulthood and has reached where you want to marry. You have prayed for God to give you a husband. It was granted and you got married to the man you love. You were very happy because you are now a married woman.

Some months after your marriage God blessed you with the fruit of the womb. You became very happy too because God has been so gracious to you. The product of the bond that you and your husband share together.

Now you will be waiting anxiously for the day your adorable baby will come into the world. Then you deciding on the name you will give to the baby. Shopping for the things the baby needs also begins until you gather all that is needed by the time the baby is due.


Please from the day you take seed, anytime you go to the bathroom collect some of the water that you are bathing with and pour it on your stomach slowly while you are doing that you then start saying good things that you want your child to become in future to your unborn baby says Apostle Enoch Manu, General Overseer of the Glory of Church International, author of The Mistakes That We Do Before Marriage. Do it as much as you can.

Do it all the time until you deliver. Bless your unborn baby in your womb. It’s very important and see what your child will become after you have given birth and he or she is growing up.

Something like this. As you come into this world, may God make you humble, respectful, give you knowledge. This is just an example. Whatever you  want to say to your unborn baby say it.

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