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"My child's head is looking like this after giving birth, please help" a lady posted on Facebook

Any time a woman becomes pregnant, there is a chance the baby will have a birth defect. Birth defects can happen for many reasons. They can happen because of the mother’s exposure to certain things while she is pregnant. 

When a baby is born with a birth defect, the first question often asked by the parents is "How did this happen?" Sometimes this question can’t be answered. 

A worried Mother who just put to bed seeks help on Facebook after giving birth to a baby with defect. She said her doctor said it's not something to worry about that her baby will be fine. As a mother this woman is so worried wanting to know why her baby's head is like that. 

She asks other mother's if anyone had such experience and what she could do to restore back her child's head. 

For people who want to become parents, it's important to know that some birth defects can be prevented. During a woman's pregnancy, taking folic acid and getting enough iodine in the diet can help prevent some types of birth defects. 

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