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Reasons For Condom Failure You Should Know

If you want the contraceptives to be effective in preventing pregnancy and other conditions that are transmitted sexually, you have to use them properly during every sexual encounter. Otherwise, they won't be able to do their job.

Protection is one of the most effective means of avoiding and minimizing the risk of sexually transmitted infections, as stated in the article published by VeryWellHealth (STIs). However, in order for them to be successful, they need to be utilized regularly and in the suitable manner.

Even if you always make sure to wear protection, there is still a chance that it will become detached over the course of the interaction or will spontaneously burst or rupture. This is a possibility if the protection does not:

1. It was not made in the correct manner.

2. The temperature at which it was stored was not appropriate.

3. The product was used after the expiration date had passed.

4. The document is ripped while being removed from the packet.

5. Did not have the appropriate size for you or was too large.

6. Inappropriate lubricant was used to operate the device.

7. It was not worn or utilized in the appropriate manner.

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