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Dad enforces personal hygiene as he forcefully shaves pubic hair of son in public

A good personal hygiene is expected to be maintained by people no matter their age. Some people do not know the reason why we keep telling them to keep their bodies clean. Trust me, shaving the pubic hair and cutting off the long nails will at least prevent germs from hiding in certain parts of the body. Getting rid of germs assures you about the likelihood of not catching infections.

There is a video currently circulating on Twitter which is quite funny yet, educative. An angry father decided to send out a message to the world by using his son as a scapegoat. He had probably witnessed the growth of hair on the private part of his son and had advised him to shave it all but, little man was not ready to listen to his advice. This didn't sit well with dad as he finally decided to do the needful.

In the video, you could see the father with the help of two other men, forcefully shaving the pubic hair of little man. One of the men had tied him, the other was adding water to make the place soft and there came dad, with a blade stick in hand.

They didn't want him to contract an infectious disease and were therefore preventing it before it finally happens. I cannot disclose everything so I decided to cover some parts. To watch the video, the link can be found here.

I think they did the right thing but putting such a video out is something I will never side with. We obviously didn't see the face of the boy but his neighbors will recognize him when they see the video.

They might pass the boy through a great degree of stress when they get to see him. This posses the threat of stigmatization on the kid. We must be mindful of the extent to which we take things.

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