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Pregnancy period

Get pregnant easily, boost ovulation and increase egg quality

Infertility in women is a major and of great challenge to most womanhood. This restless problems has been there since ages to many and some have even blame it to spiritual solutions but today I'm going to unveil the simple remedy but highly effective to make you a happy mother soon . The secret is Prekese . Read on and follow the procedure I'm about to reveal

The 4 ribs (tetrapleura tetraptera) or Prekese is a remedy full of virtues.

It fights against:




blocked proboscis,

inflammation of the cervix,

painful periods,

heavy periods,

lower abdomen pain,

lack of ovulation,

the pains of blocked tubes and tubes,

adenomas, fibroids,

balls (tumor), dysmenorrhea,

loose and gaping cervix and vagina after childbirth.


Grate the flesh of the fruit on 4 sides, put in two liters of water. Shake and drink 1 glass per day at bedtime having taken your meals 3 hours before to allow the best intestinal absorption.

Take a glass of this juice to cool for 20 seconds over the fire. Administer as an enema by the pear (purge), stay and lie on the left side to allow the remedy to circulate better. Do this treatment for 14 days from the last day of your period For those who want a baby.

Take daily also as a purge for a week for lower abdomen pain, painful periods and other illnesses. You can ask your questions via WhatsApp on 05 0 75 10 878 and you will be attended to with your questions answered. Follow me and share to your loved ones. Don't forget to comment also to encourage me to share more secrets of good health

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