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Mother decides to flee after leaving baby in thorns

This world has been filled with sin and wickedness to the extent that many people no more think about the effects of their actions on other people.

This article is a very sad one and I am very surprised that a woman did this. Women have some sort of love and compassion for their offspring but it seems this woman over here had forgotten or lacked those values. In a circulating picture, we do see a little baby who was left in the middle of thorns.

Apparently, his mother didn't want him and decided to flee after delivering him. I was expecting her to take him to an orphanage, a church or somewhere convenient but she turned down my expectations and did what I wouldn't expect a genuine woman to do.

A Twitter user known as "Mashesha" saw these pictures and decided to let the world see. The caption which came with them even says it all. This is too bad.

In the pictures, you could see that the mother of this baby decided to flee after giving birth. She didn't even cover the baby with blanket or give the baby up for adoption, leave him at church door steps or somewhere safe. The evil within her was so massive that she never thought of her kid being attacked by wild animals at night or the thorns pricking the skin of the baby

Why are some people so wicked like that? This was very inhumane on the side of the mother. To think there are women struggling to have babies and some doing this makes me sad.

It is a very sad and heartbreaking news but I am very glad they found the baby. In the picture above you could see that this woman took the baby out of those thorns and he is still alive.

I don't know why his mother did that and I don't know the whereabouts of his father but I think whoever dumped him over here is capable of murdering a person. Why would you decide to bring a baby into the world and place him in a very uncomfortable situation in these early stages of his life? Why give birth when you know you are not ready to take care of the kid?

This was very needless and Karma is surely coming for her. The future is exciting, ready?

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