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Check out how these babies born within this pandemic proved an existing love. Amazing.

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This deadly disease has destroyed so many businesses and the kind of love that existed between people but recently, babies born within this coronavirus season have proven that no matter what happens, love will forever exist.

According to BBC World News, the bonded love between two close families separated because of the pandemic, just to protect themselves from being affected by the virus, months ago, each family had a baby and they met for the first time. The amazing thing that happened was that the babies saw each other and felt the family love and hugged each other deeply, the parents tried to separate them but they didn't, this made the parents cried out of joy. They separated for a while studying each other, and then another deep hug.

What does this tell us? A lesson is learned from this that no matter what happens, love must continue to exist. Love is not only a physical connection but also a spiritual connection.

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