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3 stages of labour: A must known for all expectant mothers.

Hello Philadelphian, please welcome and follow for more.Have you ever been to the hospital in pain for delivery but your midwife will examine you and tell you "You are just at 1cm"As a primip or a woman who has never delivered before,It takes 12 to 18 hours before the cervix can relaxes, causing it to dilate and thin out. These number of hours will cause you severe pains which will make you think your time for delivery is due but your health care practitioner is paying no attention.

Every woman should know the stages they pass through before delivery to make them understand and cooperate with the healthcare providers.

Stage 1;This stage is when uterus contract severely to aid the cervix to open from 1cm to 10cm.The cervix is a canal through which the baby pass during delivery.When the cervix is not fully dilated,it can tear during labour.This whole process takes place from 6 to 18 hours depending on the mother's parity and other factors.Stage 2; The contraction becomes so severe that the mother feels the edge to push.when this happens,the baby is on it's coming.prepare to push.Stage 3; After delivering the baby,the placenta needs to be expelled.Each stage is important and should be taken seriously.If the placenter is not expelled well,It can breed infections and complications like haemorrhage can occur.Thanks for reading.

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